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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Not Disappointed

I loved the book. I loved everything about it and I even loved that Katniss wasn't her usual strong self. I was nice to see a character who was respectable and strong yet still human with normal human emotions. I loved that the book just picked up the pace quickly. I really enjoyed the tours of the different districts and wish we would have gotten more details from them. I LOVED that Peeta just hurried up and "got over it" and him and Katniss became friends. I also like Gale. Of course I choose Peeta over Gale any day but I like Gale. I like that he's got Kat's back. The whipping scene was VERY sad to me...cuz I am not dead inside...and it showed that Kat's life would never be the same. It was so exciting when she met the two kids from district 8 looking for district 13. It was a nice changed with Kat as well, when she found out that she had to go back to the arena and she freaked out. That seemed normal, that she would cry and feel scared and angry. I liked all the new characters and I loved the new arena, very tropical and romantic. The fact that Kat was willing to die for Peeta just shows that she truly loves him, she just doesn't know it yet. The clock island was interesting and unique and even though it is killing me right now, I loved the cliff hanger ending, especially more now that the depression of having the book end is over now. And my most favorite part of the whole book, including book 1, is page 352 to page 353. And then that stupid lightning storm interrupted things just when they started getting good. Ahhhhhhhh Peeta... I could re-read those pages over and over...
Basically, I loved the book, much more than book 1 and am so so so so excited for the next book.

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