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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cristin's Hot Review of Catching Fire

Ok ok...it's not really hot. Just my plain review. I just wanted to see if anyone would read it if I put the word Hot in it...

The book is Hot though!!! I love some making out...especially when Katniss FINALLY feels it...even though I've pretty much felt it the whole time...but whatever Katniss...I'll forgive you this time.

This book TOTALLY felt like a second book...just like a stepping stone to the best book. Like it's just getting us ready for something super duper good. I can't help but like it...it's how I feel about the Lord of the Rings movies. You have to have the middle and there is good stuff in it but it's really about the beginning and the end.

Originally I was kind of p.o'd about Katniss having to go back but then I felt she kind of deserved it after being sort of wussy like and wanting to run away instead of being her feisty self and standing up for what is right.

It was predictable to me but I think Katniss was just so...so...skeptical that she couldn't see past what she is used too, so she couldn't see that people were really trying to help HER. I like that so many fought and died for her and it gets me really excited for the last book...I mean REALLY excited.

I like Suzanne, she doesn't try to make us feel all warm, fuzzy and comfortable. She lets people die...and not in very nice ways. She's brave.

I didn't care as much for her "cousin Gale" as much as last book. I felt so sad for him that he got whipped but I'm so over him. I'm all about me and Peeta...er...oh I mean... Katniss and Peeta. I know longer feel bad for Gale. He's strong...he'll find another girl...especially since he's so good looking...it says so right in the book.

Over all...me likey! And can't wait for the next book but again I have to be tortured for like a year...if I'm lucky.

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