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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Book 2. Did anyone catch fire? I forget.

So, I did the usual. Read it in a heart-beat and now days and days and days later I don't really know how to organize my thoughts.

I liked the book a lot. At least, the first 3/4's of the book. I knew that there would have to be another games. Cause I did. I really didn't expect that Katniss would be going back. That was sucky. I really thought it would be Prim or Gale too. I wanted to see how they would fight - how it would feel to be on the outside. But then I changed my mind and realized that Katniss had to go back because evil man had to regain control and make them an example.

I'm not way hot on either Gale or Peeta, but as Landee put it so eloquently :

"I NEED sexual tension. I NEED self-sacrifice for the love of your life. I NEED kisses that stir something in your chest confusing you because you want more. I NEED one liners like "Come to finish me off, sweetheart?" " Amen, sistah. ::Fanning myself::

Good, good, good. Who doesn't love some sexual tension, or people sleeping together every night doing .... wait....nothing? The TENSION!!! Really? Did they do nothing? No grabs or nuthin?

Sorry. I got distracted.

I loved the meeting with the evil man. Weird that his breath smells like blood. I loved Katniss's defiance, later. I hated her big screaming tantrum. Not because I didn't think she should do it, but just cause I can't handle that much of an emotional outburst. I hide from stuff like that. Hooray for Mags for throwing herself into the poison cloud. It was GUT wrenching for me when they whipped Gale. Oh, how my heart hurt over that. I could go on for a while. But....

The part where the book gets to stretching that cord or fuse to wrap it around and wait for the lightening or whatever (that whole part confused me a little) is when I started to turn. I was really anxious to see what kind of betrayal was going to happen, cause she made me think that it was all a trap for Katniss and Peeta - and then I was furious when Katniss was pulled out of the games. W T He ll ck? I think I even said outloud, "No!!"

Gosh dang it Suzanne Collins (get a hair cut...) That was just plain MEAN! You deliberately ended this book with your tongue sticking out saying, "Na na na na na naaaaa!" I even thought for the briefest moment that her ego got the best of her (after the great response to the first book) and she decided to drag it out. I'm sorta pizzzed.

But really, it was fun to read. I love how she pulls my imagination out and the originality of the whole thing. Awesome. See you all in about 35 min.

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