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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Who doesn't love a shack in the rain?

This seems to be a fun way to comment on the book, so I’m going to give it a shot. (and I wrote this like two and half weeks ago, btw. I'm patting myself on the back for doing it when it was fresh in my mind.)

Things I liked:
• Paul; the kind, sensitive soldier who insisted that they save Marta – held his hand behind her head – and more later in the list.
• Marta; strong enough to take beating after beating without ever telling them a thing.
• A palace turned into a refugee camp/hospital.
• Making out with Paul in a gardening shed while the rain is pounding outside.
• The desperation and adrenaline involved with Paul leaving right away and Marta also, at the last minute to go to London.
• All things Paris.
• Finding Paul at the café and everything he did to help her – getting her Visa stamped, feeding her some real food, being happy to see her, a first class ticket to London.
• Paul jumping on the back of the taxi to make it stop, dropping to his knees to propose and he and Marta back in the hotel room….
• Delia – perfectly rich, perfectly kind old lady, taking Marta in as if she were her own family and fully supporting her.
• Rachel.
• The idea of the crazy trip to Prague.
• Feeling that Paul couldn’t possibly be dead.
• Escaping the dude on the bridge and getting away in the middle of the night, despite the assassin and the curfew and the communists.
• Paul. Paul Paul Paul – appearing in the woods and being alive. He’s Alive!!! Shooting the guy, carrying Marta to a dark cave and agreeing to stick with her to finish her ‘mission.’
• Ummmmm……………the wine cellar. The wine cellar. The wine cellar.
• The boat ride.
• The rescue after the boat ride.
• Paul’s silent calls.
• Simon being a bad guy. I hated him right away. He needed to be a bad guy and I was relieved that he was. Although, duh?!?
• A happy ending.

Things I did not like:
• Huge breaks in time from one chapter to another. What? Hang on…where did all that time go?
• Kind of obvious that Paul and Marta would be separated and something terrible would happen.
• Very convenient events, like Paul being in Paris and again later when she was trying to get to Berlin. In fact, so many things were way convenient.
• Paul never making more of an effort to see her after he survived the crash. Ok, he saw that she was preggers, but come on…everything else was so conveniently perfect.
• Simon. Everything Simon. His suit, his eye color, his stature, his voice, his OCD. Do I need to go on? And Marta probably did it with him, which is so gross.
• How Marta, seemingly instantaneously, shifted from the naïve-can-barely-survive-crying-because-she’s-alone girl to a spy expert who was then ready to fly off to Prague on a moments notice.
• The night in the hotel room in Paris. Did it seem to last only a second or two? And, if it was just a second or two…just once?
• Dava. Really? That was a low blow.
• Paul’s silent calls.

Overall, I really did enjoy this book. It only took me a couple of days to read it (on my iPhone Kindle, btw). And, I was so smart, as I said above, I sat down and made this list immediately afterward.

I'm now delving back into Katniss, Gale, Prim and Peeta. Bit fat apology for saying some stupid thing about a boy with chickens way back when. I just re-read that and there were clearly NO chickens. Everyone would have eaten them anyway. But I'm GIDDY with excitement to pick up that book! YAY!

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