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Sunday, August 30, 2009

So good, like a made for tv movie.

I love this book. I love that it's an easy read, somewhat predictable except for Jan and Dava (so did not expect that). And that I can read and appreciate without over thinking it and getting so caught up into it that I wish it wouldn't end.

I also love this book because it made me feel. I could imagine how completely lonely it could be for someone who has lost everything and everyone she loves. I felt how scary it must have been for her to leave the hospital and travel to a country where she doesn't know the language very well. I felt passion that she felt for Paul and how sad I was when he died, then she dreamed he was alive then realized it was a dream and he was dead then she see's him again because he's really alive. It was a roller coaster. I understood how completely conflicted she was with her love of Paul and her very unromantic sinister husband and how she didn't want to betray that even though he is evil...though she didn't know that even though I knew it when he introduced himself on the boat. I thought it was romantic without all the heavy talking and getting to know each other "stuff". I like how they pretty much got down to business, I don't think it's possible to fall in love with someone like that but I love imagining that it's possible. I could understand her insecurities even though sometimes I thought it was annoying. I loved the tension between Marta and Paul once they meet again and dealing with their conflicting feelings.

I could picture this book being played out as a tv movie, staring a young Mellissa Gilbert with a really bad accent, even though I didn't give her one while reading it. (I don't normally unless it's written but even then...). I have a weakness for tv movies, which is probably why I like this book so much.

Things I didn't like:
She had a baby. I realize that she needed to get pregnant to give her a reason to marry but still...I don't care for that in romantic books.

Sometimes she was overly insecure.

She stayed with Simon even though it was obvious, even to her, that he wasn't interested.

Can't wait to read the rest of the reviews and I'll see you all tonight.

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