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Sunday, August 30, 2009

The predictable-bad-guy's-trophy-wife

Things I liked:

1. It was a quick and easy read. I love those. Especially since I was coming off of a very long and intense Leon Uris number. Whew!

2. I liked the fact that a girl could kick-butt Nazi style by surviving torture/beatings/etc. I'll have to admit, before getting my bearings I jumped right into the book and didn't realize until 4 pages in that the character WAS a woman.

3. The supporting characters were pretty good. How sad slash lollerz that Delia and Charles were secretly doing the lovers thing?

Things I didn't like:

1. The main character, though "strong" in a certain sense, was very unlikeable for me. Supposedly she survived all of the uprising and rebellion of WW II and then Nazi prison but she can't survive living as a single mother in a safe and beautiful house after the war? Instead she marries that bozo and is constantly telling herself "enough". She annoyed me.

2. The idea that she and Paul could spend 1.5 days together and be forever in love and pining for each other years later. It just doesn't fly with me. They had no history, they had no future, they had a night in a shack and a night in Paris and BOOM.

3. Ummmm, fairly predictable. Like you didn't see THAT coming. I knew Simon was the bad guy the second he introduced himself on the boat. The only thing I didn't see coming was that the nurse Dava was in on it from the get go.

Overall I am glad to have read something different and from a new author. I ended up reading the Kommandant's girl after that one and actually liked it a little more than this one. And I shared this book with a friend who is loving it right now. See how the book recommendation world goes round? So I will see you all tonight at 8 after I wipe the frosting off of my hands from the winning Hunger Games cake.

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