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Sunday, August 30, 2009

I got my homework done!

So, as I usually do, I put off purchasing this book until this last week. I went to the bookstore to get my books for school (another post I've been meaning to get to). I was at Barnes and Noble, you know, trying to help save the economy. I found The Diplomat's Wife and was staring at the back cover looking at the price. Nearly $14.00. I had already spent a pretty penny on the school books and was debating on the affordability of this book. The cutest little old man came up to me and said, "Are you gonna buy that book?" I said, "I'm thinking about it." He said, "Well, it's your lucky day. I have a giftcard for you." He bought my book for me! It was a Diplomat's Wife miracle. I took it as a sign that I needed to read this book. After actually reading the book, I'm not sure I totally needed to read it, but maybe I needed to be available for the discussion of it. So getting the show on the road;
Overall, I liked the book. I liked how time flew by inbetween paragraphs and Pam didn't waste my time telling me every little detail, she just gave us the "jist" of the story. I needed to just read the jist of the story since I had put off reading it to the last minute. So for that Pam, I thank you.
I was having a hard time with the whole instant love that was going on between Marta and Paul. Until it dawned on me, Paul must have imprinted on her when he first saw her soiled body laying there on the prison floor. What else could explain it? I mean, any normal person would have only felt sorry for the poor victim laying there beaten up and covered in their own "soil". Right? Or was Paul into that kind of stuff?
I liked how quickly the story moved. There was a lot of stuff packed into this book. She was in prison, she was saved, she travels pennyless to Engalnd, she was engaged, She meets Delia, she was mouring Paul's death, she was pregnant, she gets married, she's working, she goes undercover, she finds her friends, Pauls alive, she meets Jan, she gets the cipher, she goes home, she loves Paul, Simon's a traiter, Rachel is taken, Dava's a bad friend, Simon's dead, she's moving to the States, she's engaged to Paul. Even though most of this was predictable, I still liked it.
Would I recommend this to others? Heck yes. Especially since it was free, I will be loaning out my copy to whoever wants to read it. Gotta pay back the cute old man ya know.
BTW, how did you pronounce Delia? Da-lie-ya, Dee-lee-ya, Del-ee-ya, Doll-ee-ya? I don't know why I kept pronouncing different everytime. Total renesme flashbacks.

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