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Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Diplomat’s Wife: aka I KNEW IT!

Damn that Simon and his prissy tea & effeminate mannerisms.I knew he was the leak. I’d scan in & show you where I wrote that in the margin but my scanner is broken and plus I didn’t write that cuz it was a library book… but I’m serious. I knew it. Dava threw me for a loop but geez, you gize! I’m not a freaking mind-reader… no one saw that coming.

Another thing I didn’t see coming? Paul. Michael Stevens…no, he’s hawter with the name Paul. What the? Coming back from the dead as a secret agent? It doesn’t get any hawter than that. I was so happy to see him. Probably happier than Marta. His hands seemed to be warmer than most men’s…I’m guessing he’s part werewolf. If I had to guess.

Oh Marta. Poor Marta. Her life nothing but a series of events which were being manipulated by someone else. People dying left & right. I will say this, though. She wasn’t very likable, for me. Everyone in the entire book was so serious all the time and Marta was the worst. Paul had a bit of a sense of humor but Marta? None. A bit of an emotional basket case actually. Getting beaten and starved in a Nazi prison will do that to a person, I guess. Still. She could smile more.

Thanks Cristin for a fun read. It was a bit of a departure from the normal SRBC choices (meaning it wasn’t about creepy creatures and the people who hunt them). It kept me turning the pages and I finished it one August morning at 2:30am because I couldn’t put it down. I’d say it was a story “told with luminous simplicity…this is historical romance at its finest.” <---- I totally did NOT get that off the back of the book, btw.

I went ahead and read the next book "The Military Man's Bastard Daughter" in which Rachel grows up to be a member of al-Qa'ida and ends up shooting Marta & Paul in their sleep one particularly warm evening in North Carolina. Total snoozer.