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Sunday, June 28, 2009

These is my reviews (with gramatical errors as I've had no formal edukshun)

Dear diary,
I can't tell you how happy I was when Hotpants picked this book for our humble book club. See, I had been wantin' to read it somethin' fierce ever since I heard of it, but I done made a deal with the devil, swearin' I wouldn't read it until the devil done read it first. I thought about reading the book every day, just like Sarah thought about reading that one book that Capt Elliot kept from her.

Anyhow, when Hotpants unknowingly found me a loophole in the devil's plan, and I devoured the book like a dust storm devouring an Apache warrior on the plains.

I have much more to say about it, but I'm plum out of time as my mom called in the middle of writing this and I talked to her for over an hour, dagnabit. Just know that I loved the book, a piece of me died with it, and I heart mustaches. So masculine.

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