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Sunday, June 28, 2009

I Do Declare!! (These Is Landee)

I have some confessions to make.

Confession #1: This was going to be my book club selection and then HotTrousers stoled it. You can ask Jenny. I told her about it weeks before Amy came in and stole my thunder like the little buckaroo that she is. And I'm madder than a wet hen about it!

K, now that that is out of the way..... LOVED IT!!!

I have a feeling that a) had Sarah Prine been a real person and b)I had lived back in those dadgum days in the Arizona Territory we would have been like two peas in a pod. We would have stood back to back and shot those Indians and cattle rustlers and not lost any sleep over it. We would have been birthin' babies and baking cornbread together. She was so clever and witty and said things brilliantly. I loved her. I've decided that THAT is the mark of a good book for me.... if I wanna be BFFs or make-out with a main character, then it's good.

That brings me to Capt. Jack Elliot. ::swoon:: Well, I do declare! That man was purely desirable! I loved it when she said that every time she would think of Capt. Jack in an "inappropriate way" then she'd go feed the chickens... and those chickens were gettin' fat. He seemed to be everything she needed and nothing she didn't.

Confession #2: Jack Elliot was no "Edward" for me... and it was because of his mustache. I couldn't ever reeeeeeally love a man with a mustache. I mean, a mustache? Really? Oh well... I don't have any room for a legitimate crush in my life right now anyway. I did love him though. Deeply. For what he was for Sarah & how he felt about her. I do question, though, why he never gave her that book back. I mean, I get it. I reckon he needed it for his own personal reasons but she wasn't ever able to read it! I would think that after they were married--like on their wedding night or something--he should have given it to her. Just so she could read it and then give it back even. It just seemed bizarre that he kept that a secret from her. I didn't find it as touching as the author had intended.

Confession #3: I would not have lasted 10 minutes in 1881 in the AZ Territory, let alone long enough to birth babies and bake cornbread with Sarah.

Confession #4: If I ever met Jimmy Reed I would slap him across the face and knee him in his netherparts. Dadburn fool. I wish he would have died by becoming a pin cushion for the indians rather than that cute old guy across the way. He got off easy with a little back-breaking if you ask me.

Confession #5: My favorite part of this story was how it was written. Such an interesting format and way to write. Sarah's voice was a pure delight to read. I long to be as witty & clever as she is. It's true.... having the smarts has nothing to do with your edumakashun.

Confession #6: This would have been a better review but I loaned my book to Standsmom and it had all my favorite parts marked and all my notes in the margins.

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