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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Full of Excuses

Been an interesting month. I'm sorry that I haven't read the book, especially after reading the raving reviews! There's nothing I love more than a good swoon. I gotta meet that Jack feller. I think Landee is disappointed in me for not reading.

Excuse Number 1: I dug out an old cross-stitch and I haven't been able to tear myself away from it. Then I got a new one, put the old one on the shelf and I'm obsessed with the new one.

Excuse Number 2: I got a puppy. I only get to sew when I have peace that she's recently poo'ed or pee'd outside, when the kids are keeping her busy or when she's asleep (making sewing time all that more precious). I get less sleep at night because she needs a poo or pee at 3 am.

Excuse Number 3: I somehow mysteriously acquired a double stress fracture in my foot. So, I'm now hobbling around with this big ol' boot on.

Excuse Number 4: This summer break thing with the kids is killing me. How can children with a huge yard, hundreds of toys, two different game consoles, DS's, slip and slides, water balloons, etc. find time to argue with each other and complain to me all day about being bored and needing something fun to do?

These are all mostly bogus excuses, since all a'you found the time and ability to get it read. But, I will be checking out the chat momentarily. And, I heard that I am the book selector for July...? Yes? Can't wait to tell you what my thoughts are about that. Post upcoming tomorrow.

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