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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Do Me Right Hot Pants.....Do Me RIGHT.

This book was srsly so good I just recommended it to a local book club I have here in the summer. That says a lot you gize. I agree with everything y'all said. Except I side with Cristin on the book Cap'n Elliot never gave back to her. It was perfect.....perfectly poignant and sad and romantic all at once. It somehow worked for me just right. What a nice change of pace and genre for our little non-exclusive book club! To emphasize my love for this book I am going to quote some of my fave passages:

"Jack Elliot, I told him, I love you every way there is to love a man...........I said it. I told him how much I loved him and he didn't slip away. He didn't even flinch or look the other direction, but lapped it up like he'd been waiting a long time to hear it."

"Sarah, he says, it isn't like I'm some old codger you have to coddle. Well, I told him, I want you healthy, to be sure that someday you are. He just smiled at me and put his arms around me. Then, right in front of the children,......................he put his hands on my face and kissed me hard...............................I love you, Mrs. Elliot, Jack said out loud..............I love you too, Captain Elliot, I said. Fine example you're setting for our children, though. Yes, indeed, he said. I want them to know that I love you and just how much, too. And that I don't leave you because that feeling's not there, but I stay alive because it is."

This AND Michael Jackson dying in the same week?! I'm not sure my emotional bookshelf can hold such a collection.

::running off to sob::

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