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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Review by StandsMom

I really need to do this immediately after I finish, because I've already read 2 or 3 books since I finished The Thief series and I'm losing track and getting things blended together.

The first book dragged for me until they got to the cave. I was bored with their travel. There were a few clever things and I used that traveling time to build my imagined-Gen up in my mind. For instance, the sly flirting with the girl at the Inn - Gen naked and dirty and getting washed outside in cold water (don't ask me why, I can't explain it). By the time we got to the cave, I was very 'interested' in him. I loved that he couldn't get the stone the first or second night. I think it was good for his ego to have a challenge that wasn't so easy. And, I thought seeing the gods inside the cave was fascinating. I loved how disconcerting it was to him that he could see them. No kidding.

I was annoyed when they 'lost' the stone and the Magus decided to just keep moving. What? You went to ALL that trouble and you're riding away on your horse like it's NO BIG DEAL??? I suspected that Gen had it, wasn't sure, but when I look back now, I think he would have been really ticked off after spending three whole nights in an underwater cave. He would have insisted that they find it again. I agree that it was stupid that the rock was thrown into some volcano or something and destroyed. But, I didn't want to read three books about kingdoms fighting over a rock. I felt a great deal of relief when I realized that he lived with and worked for the Queen of Eddis. The fact that he was in a warm bed and safe made me feel all warm and safe too. ::giggle::

In the second book, there are a few things that stand out to me. Like, Gen frantically trying to get away from the castle without getting caught. By the time he was running through the olive trees, I know my heart rate was up a bit and when he hit that stupid board - I felt like someone had hit me in the face with it. Geez! Could I have been more wrapped up in these books? I did not feel like my own hand had been chopped off, btw. Gen was on his own with that one. Although I was very shocked! I couldn't believe it! There were some pretty down and depressing chapters. You can easily imagine, though, how that would affect a person, as you said Memz. Especially someone like him. And then to find out that he loved her all along, even as she stood and ordered them to chop off his hand. I texted Landee. "She. Cut. Off. His. HAND!!!!" (Landee was already done, so it didn't ruin anything for her.) I'm pretty sure I squealed or something when he was sitting in that boat and told Attolia that he loved her.

The third book ticked me off. I was so angry that he allowed them all to disrespect him so. Sand in his food? Are you kidding? Loving Gen, as I do, I was pretty sure that he had a plan. He was painfully patient - dealing with all of that crap and waiting for things to build in the right way so that he could 'prove' himself to those idiot soldiers. I didn't want Costis's continual perspective. I wanted to know what Gen was thinking. But - then I realized that in the first two books, Gen was a common person, like us. In the third book, he was King and we were still just common spectators. It had to come from an outsider. I know that sounds so lame. Srsly, I probably sound like a 16 yr old girl, all wrapped up in some fictional book and in a strong, handsome, clever, tortured, wounded fictional man like Gen. And I just have to say that those soldiers were SO stupid. The quiet, all-knowing women who waited on the Queen knew full well that she and Gen were gettin' it on, but the dumb man-soldiers were so busy being idiots, they couldn't figure it out.

In closing I'd like to say that I was quite happy when I'd finished. I thought the books were very entertaining. I was anxiously attracted to Eugenides and that made all three books very, very enjoyable. I am really looking forward to another installment to the books. I'd like to know that Gen and his Queen are still, uh, together. A baby? That would be nice. (I am such a girl) Thanks for getting the recommendation from that bookstore girl. I can't wait for the selection for May!!!

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