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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Markie's Review

For most of you who were at the “family thing” it will come as no surprise that I didn’t really enjoy these books. There was too much traveling, too much political maneuvering, and way too much sitting in a room moodily staring out a window.

The Thief:
This was my favorite of the three books, even though the plot line was a little stale; a diamond in the rough is taken to a cave of wonders to obtain a treasure that nobody else had been able to retrieve. I liked Gen’s sassy personality though, particularly when he was being man-handled by the Magus, or Pol. I liked the verbal jabs he threw at Useless and Useless the younger. I enjoyed the stories that were told of the gods and thought it was cool when he actually met some of them in the cave. I wish the cave had been even trickier with more puzzles to solve. I wanted less time wondering to the cave of wonders, and more time in the cave of wonders.

I thought it was especially anti-climactic when they ended up destroying Hamiatheseseses… Hamiatheseseses…. Hamiatheseseses…. The goddesses gift, by tossing it into a volcano. Sooooo what was the point of this book? I mean they take this incredibly long and tedious journey, retrieve this priceless treasure created by the gods themselves that had been hidden away for thousands of years, with the power to make the possessor the undisputed king of all the lands, and what do they do with it? Destroy it.

Wasn't Gen's goal in the second and third books to be king, and bring peace to all the land? Couldn't he have done that much quicker and easier with the stone? Or Eddis could have retained possesion of it; she seemed like a nice and reasonable queen. Or if he had so much faith in, and love for Attolia... give it to her. It seemed like such a waste of a story line to just throw the thing away.

The Queen of Attolia:
Except for the one interesting thing that happened in the third chapter, I've already forgotten this book . It was dry, depressing, and I stopped liking or really even caring about Gen. He became much too moody and cranky, and it was hard to gauge his motivation - did he really love Attolia, or was he just trying to save his kingdom? I think the author wanted us to believe he really loved her, and that she really loved him, but neither of them seemed like very lovable characters to me.

The King of Attolia:
I already forgot what happened in this book too, and I just finished reading it. I really had to force myself through this one. It just kept putting me to sleep. I know that Gen helped Attolia out with some tricky political problems. Yaaaaawn. Like I said, I stopped caring in the last book. This was even more dry, and depressing. I think the author should have combined her main ideas from all three books, cut out a lot of useless sitting around jail cells, sitting around campfires, and sitting around bedrooms staring out windows, and condensed the story down to one book.

I really wasn't satisfied with the ending either. It seemed like a lot of things went unresolved. Like didn't they get news at some point that the Medes were planning an attack? What happened with that? And didn't Sophos disappear? Was he ever found? Not that I care; I had to look back at the first book to even remember who he was. Honestly it's all kinda blurry to me now. In fairness, I read that there is a sequel planned for release next year where she can drag things out some more.

Did anybody read the short story at the end of the last book? I didn't. Do you plan on reading the next book? I don't. I'm glad that every one else I talked to liked these books. I'm really glad I'm done with them and can move on. Good riddance Attolia.