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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Gen Gen Gen

Gen...what can I say, I heart him! He had me at "Useless and Useless the younger". I loved being in his head, listening to him be sarcastic, funny, and interesting. Sadly, I've only made it through The Thief and only a couple of chapters into the Queen of Attolia...please forgive me. But I have a feeling that I'm going to find out what happens without reading them...and that's ok. I'll still read them. I heart Gen too much not to finish his story.

Though, there was more traveling than action in the first book, I enjoyed every step of the way. I loved being there, listening to him manipulate the group, knowing full well that if I was in the group, I would be totally and utterly annoyed by him. I liked seeing the group change as they got to know Gen better. I loved that he's smart and thinks things through, and that I did not expect the ending. I LOVED that. Though it does make me expect more surprises and twists in the next books.

I am kinda scratching my head into why after all that, the necklace would be destroyed...maybe I'm missing something that hasn't come up yet. It just seems like a waste.

I'm glad these books were voted on, though they will never be my favorite, I have enjoyed reading them.

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