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Sunday, May 31, 2009

City of Bones - My Take

I haven't read more than the first book. And in all honesty, I didn't read the first book. I downloaded the audio for my iPhone and listened to it - cause I was going on a couple of flights and thoroughly enjoyed listening to the book in the airport and on the plane. However, I did not particularly like the way the girl read it. Something about the tone of her voice, the way she did the voices of the different characters, the way she said words like 'shadowhunter' and 'night children' just annoyed me! I've had some great experiences with audio books, like Twilight, but not so much with this one. I had to read your entire review Markie, spoilers and all, because I bought City of Ashes (a real in-the-hands book), but I have no motivation to read it. I thought a few spoilers would jumpstart it for me. I am feeling a little more optimistic, so thank you. I did not get excited about any romance, but maybe that will change when I continue with the series in my own brain-voice, and especially now that I've looked at that fan sight. Holy Craptastic! The dude for Jace is hawt and Gerrard Butler? Steamy. '--Eh--' for Brad Pitt. I think some of the problem was the ages of the characters. I agree with you completely Markie. So young! How could I be attracted to Jace when he's just a goofy teenage boy? Edward was a 90 year old in a 17 year old body. That completely over-rules his teenager-ness. You know who I found myself drawn to, was Luke. Oh my. Luke the werewolf, tearing a pack-leader to shreds so he can be in charge? Definitely a turn-on. Strange, cause in Twilight, I wasn't interested in the wolfs at all. Hmm. Anyway, I'm relieved to know a little more beyond just the first book. I was disappointed and grossed out when they said that Jace and Clary were brother and sister. I enjoyed Valentine's performance during that whole scene because it reminded me of Ben from Lost. One minute you think you've made sense of what he's saying and then all of a sudden you can't tell whether a single thing he said was true or not. It's so disconcerting and drives me nuts - in a good way. I'm waiting to find out what kind of magical powers Jace, Clary and the mom are going to have. Differently colored eyes? Strange gifts floating down from the sky delivering healing medicine? Other things I'd like to read? Luke, ripping some headboard to shreds when Joslyn realizes she really loves him and they finally get it on. ::::ahem::::

Simon is a geek. A good friend, but kind of a doormat. I don't think I'd care much if he faded into the woodwork somewhere along the way. More Luke would be good. Wait, did I already say that? Sorry. :D

See you in an hour.

StandsMom (Ann)

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