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Monday, April 20, 2009

Sorry. This is entirely a delayed response to the leading man post. Viggo is really appropriate for parts like some of the dudes in these books. I can't figure which part tho, any suggestions? He's too old for Gen and not yummy or clever enough.

Also couldn't have been a good Gen, but one of the other soldiers. Cotis, perhaps? No. Not skinny enough for Cotis. Teleus, maybe. Or...Yes! Sophos!

Quite appropriate for Gen, I think. Can't you see this guy lounging in a chair, dressed like a King, pretending not to care? Strapped to a chair watching the knife fall? Swordfighting with the soldiers? Running through the trees at night. Dirty? Skinny? Beat up? Hiding earrings in the queens bedroom? Washing himself outside an Inn with cold water, scrubbing the ground-in dirt off his body? Winking at the barmaid for a tie for his hair? Smashing ink wells against the wall? See the twinkly is his eye? "Yes, my Queen." :::swoooooooon!:::

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Cristin said...

Viggo is perfect for...whatever he wants to be. He's HOOOOOOOOOOOOT (said in a singsong voice) I heart him big time. I can pretty much picture him in every hot male role...but that's just me.