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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Progress Report

So... how's it comin'? By my calculations you should have read 402 pages by now (Apr 12). If you are 122 pages into The Queen of Attolia then you are right on schedule. If you are farther ahead, give yourself a pat on the back! If you are like me, and just finished The Thief you are 122 pages behind, and need to pick up the pace.

I also want to welcome Brooke and Jill to our book club (see comments on the last post).

Finally, as I read the thief I had a clear picture in my mind of who the thief was, and it was this guy:

Dominic Monaghan

But I could also see this guy in the role:

Johnny Depp

or this guy:

Unknown Actor

Did you have a specific actor in mind? Who?


Jenny ESP said...

I finished the whole series last Wednesday. Do I get some sort of early bird award? And I can't say who I think should play Gen in the film version without giving away a huge spoiler.

Any new peeps: If you want to be added as a contributor (so you can post your own review on the day of discussion), then send me your email address. Otherwise, you're welcome to just join the discussion. Up to you.

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Markie23 said...

Amazing Jenny! I'll have to think about that award thingie. Can't wait for the spoiler to see if I change the picture of the thief I have in my mind.

Flem said...

I finished on Friday. Can I have a 2nd place award?

And as for actor, I would have to go with... Wentworth Miller. Cuz he is clever and also I think he should play in every movie ever. But as for typecasting maybe it would have to be someone more like... be back later.

Katie said...

I had to wait for Tom to go back out of town, but I have cleared my schedule for this series. I am even going to be making sandwiches for lunch and frozen something or other for dinner, just so I have 30 extra minutes to read. Dedicated, I know.

Mary said...

I finished The Thief last week, but don't have the second book. I was going to borrow it from Katie yesterday, but forgot to get it when I left. Katie, why'd you let me leave without it?!! No vision, yet, of who could play Gen. I'm not up on the young, up and coming actors of the day.

Landee said...

Orlando Bloom is Gen... end of discussion.

As for Eddis... I'd say someone who is kinda homely but likable and COULD be attractive like Drew Barrymore.

I can't think of someone for Attolia... who can be a stonefaced B? Hmmmm... I'll get back to you.

And the Magus? Jafar from Aladdin, of course. Without the rude parrot.

I finished The Queen last night around 2:30am and am a few chapters into The King. I'll most likely be done today.

Gooooooooooooood stuff here Markie. Hats off to you.

StandsMom said...

ummmmm....I'm still only about 125 pages into the first book. The way you people are flying through them, it must get better soon. I was gone all weekend and couldn't seem to find the time to read. I"m hoping I can plow right through it this week. Typically, when I get going, I can get through things pretty fast.

I will thoroughly enjoy thinking about Orlando Bloom from now on as I read, tho. Yum. I don't know about Jafar. I pictured the Magus as a short fat guy. I can't think who Wentworth Miller is. I'm gonna have to look that one up.

Katie said...

I'm way behind, and your page gauge just made me feel worse.

I haven't been this panicked since we were challenged to read the Book of Mormon by the end of the year.

StandsMom said...

Ok, as a revision to my first comment, I am now completely done with the first two books. It was dragging a little before I made it to a certain point in the first book and now I'm so emotionally invested. Oh, Gen. Gen, Gen, Gen.

Brooke said...

Ah, Dominic Managhan looks very close to how I'd imagined Gen looks.

I've got to say that Orlando Bloom has been reserved for Legarus the Awesomely Beautiful.

Thank you for the welcome! And I, er, haven't actually started them yet. But I have read each of them about a billion, so I figure it'll only take me a day or so to get through them.