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Sunday, March 29, 2009

April Selections - Please Vote By The 1st!

Jespy asked me, Markie (her favorite Uncle), to pick the next book. But let's face it... my recommendations have not been too popular in the past; so I have decided to have a vote on a few selections in the Young Adult genre. After Watership Down it's probably time for something a little lighter. Please note that I have not read ANY of these books, but they were all highly recommended to me by various strangers who's opinions I asked.

Here are the nominees:

1) The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale.

I'm not sure but I think this book may have been previously nominated. The author also wrote Austenland which I know was previously nominated and that some of you have read. Shannon Hale is a BYU grad like Stephenie Meyer - and Stephenie wrote the following for the cover of the book:
"Shannon Hale's books reignite my love of reading -- that joy of having the time of my life with a great story".
The story is "A magical retelling of the Grimms's fairy tale of the princess who became a goose girl before she could become queen." -I know... kinda gives it all away doesn't it?

Here are the Amazon.com customer ratings for The Goose Girl:
Here is a LINK to the Amazon.com page. You can read the first chapter there if you want; I did... it was good.

2) Redwall by Brian Jacques

Did you like Watership Down? If so, this will probably be right up your alley. Instead of a band of fighting rabbits it is about a band of fighting mice. This is the first in a very long series of at least 20 books, however I am told this is a stand-alone book with a complete story. Unlike Watership Down which seems to take place in the modern world, Redwall is kind of a medieval tale and other than a few random references doesn't mention man or man-made things; apparently in all later books there are no references at all to anything human.

Here are the Amazon.com customer ratings for Redwall:
Here is a LINK to the Amazon.com page. You can read the first chapter there if you want; I did... it was good.

3) The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner

This is book 1 of The Queen's Thief series. This recommendation came from the girl working in the Y.A. section of the BYU bookstore, who impressed me with her expansive knowledge of the books in the Y.A. category, and convinced me that she is an avid reader. She claimed these were her favorite books of all time (but quite frankly she didn't look more than about 16 to me). She said that each book (3 in the series) has a complete story, but of course all tie together. She said that each book has some very cool and unexpected twists... oooooh.

Here are the Amazon.com customer ratings for The Thief:
Here is a LINK to the Amazon.com page. You can read the first chapter there if you want; I did... it was good.

And finally...

4) The Queens Thief Series by Megan Whalen Turner
Yeah, you see I looked at The Thief in the bookstore and it looks pretty short. The others are a little longer but I think if we pushed ourselves a little we could read all three books in a month. The BYU Bookstore girl mentioned above said each book is better than the last.... so, why not?
The other two books in the series are:

The Queen of Attolia

Amazon Customer Ratings:
Amazon LINK

The King of Attolia
Amazon Customer Ratings:
Amazon LINK

So there are your choices. Please cast a vote for #1, 2, 3, or 4. I want to get started on the selection soon, so voting will end at midnight March 31st, and I will announce the selection on Monday the 1st of April. I will reserve my vote for the case of a tie.


Flem said...

I have no idea. I was going to vote based on whether or not I could hold a copy at the local library but all were available (that is a good thing!) I reserved the girlie looking ones but Redwall was too hard to reserve because the title was in several books including a graphic novel and I was too confused to pick the right one.

So just based on its cover I would go with the Thief.

ShelBailey said...

I totally didn't participate in the last book...just got busy and didn't have time to go to the library to get it. SO, I dunno if I get a vote, but the Queen series looks cool to me.

StandsMom said...

I want to read them all. I probably will. But - for the sake of voting, I will vote for something. I love tearing through a good book and moving on in a series, so I'm going to vote for #4.

Memzy said...

I'm voting #4. Way to go Markie!

samandlysander said...

The Thief looks good to me.

samandlysander said...

The Thief looks good to me.

Jenny ESP said...

Markie-rah, how diplomatic of you! This was your chance to finally have us read one of your most favoritest books ever, enlighten us a little, and instead you let us vote on YA books you've never read? I'm rubbing off on you. BRB, I gotta read what these are about...

Jenny ESP said...

K, I'm going with #3. I read part of the sample on amazon and it was good. These are all middle grade books, btw, not young adult. So none of them are available on my kendoll. Grr.

Katie said...

I just had a good talking to with one of my nieces about books. And she just happened to mention that Goose Girl book, so that is my vote, but I will be cool with anything. She gave me a whole stack of books, and I think one of them is by the same author.

I am going to put them all on hold though, just in case. I don't want the same fiasco that happened the last couple months to happen again.

Landee said...

I've gone tharn.

Jay kay.

I vote for Goose Girl cuz I'm already 4 chapters into it. And I'm totally lazy.

But I won't cry if we have to read all three of those books in that series either.

eekareek said...

The thief for sure. I am basing this off of the cover.

eekareek said...

Whoa whoa whoa whoa. I just read the reviews and looked past the covers and I am changing my vote to the Goose Girl. I didn't realize that Steph liked it. So cancel my thief vote and change it to Goose Girl.

tearoha said...

Number 4!

Definitely the Queen's Thief series. I HIGHLY recommend it.
And go the 'BYU bookshop girl!' :D

pigrescuer said...

Read number 4!

Um, you should know only the first is middle school age, the other two are much more young adult-y.

Kate said...

Go for four! The Attolia series really does get better with each book.

Rachel said...

#4 looks great!

Hot Pants said...

Pigrescuer and Tearoha have convinced me, number 4!

hope said...

I wouldn't read the reviews for the later books in the series. They are all filled with spoilers about The Thief.

Anonymous said...


Stephanie said...

There is a fourth book to Shannon Hale's series.... I think it's called Forest Born. It's supposed to follow the story of Rinna, Razo's sister. =]

I haven't gotten my hands on it yet, but it sounds delicious....

Anonymous said...

#1!!!! The Goose Girl for sure! I've read it a billion times and it's so amazing! Everyone should read this book! It's one of my most favorite books EVER!! It's so well written and it's just breathtaking!