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Sunday, February 22, 2009

What in the Middluns is the Matter with Jenny?

A Review of A Review

And I quote:

You gize, it wasn't good. And when I say it wasn't good, I mean something much meaner and more severe than that.

I think Jenny is dead inside. She expects far too much out of her books. She has no empathy for a poor girl who considers herself a monster killing machine and then is thrown into an emotional tailspin when she meets the love of her life. She also led me to believe that this medieval birth control would involve some kind of a contraption. I was sorely disappointed to learn it was just her eating some kind of a flower at dinner time.

And sorry, but I like it when people smile into each other's necks and cry hot tears. Sorry. But I do.

A Review of the Book

Good stuff:

I wanna be graced. And I want the survivor grace. That girl can do anything.

I also realize that there will never be another Edward, but Po was pretty darn close. I want him. In a bad way. I missed him when they ditched him at the cabin. I loved him raising his hand in response to her calling his name in her mind. I loved him casually leaning against the table with his shirt open. I am glad that I now associate the name Po with hawtness rather than that creepy little Teletubby.

Bad stuff:

I hated Po going blind. HATED IT.

The second they said "eye patch" I knew King Leck was graced. They were idiots for not figuring that out sooner.... especially Po with his Jedi mind tricks.

I hated her getting so incredibly pizzed that he didn't mention he could read minds. I thought that was one of her unnecessary hissy fits.

I hated that she refused to marry him and "shall marry no man." W/e Katsa. Get over yourself. What in Leinid's name makes her so special? Oh right, she can kill any man in a matter of seconds. Fine. But still.... don't be such a feminist.