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Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Survival Grace is RAD

And I wish I had that right now cuz this cold has got me in the tank. Snot rags, fever, chills,......very glamorous. Going on day 3. Katsa never got sick.

I hearted the book. Maybe Jenny did us a favor claiming it was major lame. Expectations. Here we go:

1. Katsa kicked A (and when I say "A" I mean "alot"). I love me some girl power.

2. Po was hawt. I'd love to feel the coolness of his many rings anytime.

3. What in the ayche was with the cutting of animals? That was never essplained. Lamerz.

4. Was anyone else as irritated as I was that she cut her hair like a boy?

5. Giddon was cool. I wish that he coulda found love with some other girl.

6. How GAY was Raffin?!! Ha!

7. Having Po go blind is fine. Having his eyes "dim" is no good for me.

8. Katsa needs to get over herself and marry Po. However I think it will happen in the next book, which I look forward to discussing on this book club in the future.

I'm off for more kleenex.

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