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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bunnies R Us

I was getting nervous about this being too serious of a book for this club but then I started thinking about Fiver and Hazel and how much you would love their little saga.

So to keep us focused on this story I am going to periodically ask you some trivia questions.

Today's trivia:

Which of the following is the correct usage of the term Owsla?

a) The Owsla are always circling the micela

2) I have a lot of Owslas on my kneesla

blue) The Owsla are very helpful in keeping crime out of rabbitville

iv) Get Owsla here I am trying to read

PS The people who get the most amount right throughout the trivia period will get a prizela at the end. And if you haven't gotten it from your library you are lazy because thing ain't been checked owsla since the year I was born.


Markie23 said...

#2 - I love Fievel, and a man named sue... er I mean a rabbit named Hazel.

Landee said...

Flem, you keep raising the bar as the SRBC hostess with the mostess.

I'm gonna say BLUE cuz I'm on, like, chapter 8... plus, I want that prizeola. Whole wheat goodies?

Jenny ESP said...

Sweetness! I'm saying blue. I hope the prize is a real bunny.

Markie23 said...
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Katie said...

Mine is still on hold at the library, but i expect you to come back and check for my answer when i do get to reading it. I want that prize!

ManicMandee said...

Our library is a bus that comes once every two weeks, so cut me a break! I get my copy on Thursday.

Markie23 said...

Ok, you totally confused me with the a) 2) blue) thing. I thought blue) was just a continuation of 2) and that you must have purchased your keyboard at the same store as Jespy. Of course I know that Owsla are very helpful in keeping crime out of rabbitville... that is if your talking about the Sandleford warren; because as everybody knows there is no Owsla at the Cowslip warren, and and the Efrafa warren's Owsla are like some kind of gestapo police.

I'm halfway through the book btw.

StandsMom said...

Great golden frith! Thank you for letting me in on your fabuloso club. I read this book about 10 yrs ago. I only remember bits. Right now, I'm nearly halfway. Owsla=police. It's too bad Katnis doesn't have their backs when they're frozen stiff in the forest, their little furry bodies pressed to the ground - btw, is hraka a bad word?