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Monday, January 19, 2009


Hey you gize... I suck.

Don't get mad at me, K? You know how I said this in my noms post:

"Each of these books have been backed by at least one of our book clubbers, so rest easy. The book we end up with will be worth reading, I'm sure."


Well, I'm the one who backed this month's winner, Graceling. The thing is, I sorta backed it based solely on its amazon description (which sounded similar to HG) and its review. Yeah, I hadn't actually read it.

Now I've read it.

You gize, it wasn't good. And when I say it wasn't good, I mean something much meaner and more severe than that.

I've been stewing it over, guilting and nervousing about it, and after getting a little advice, I've decided to come clean. Cuz it's just that bad. I'm talking crazy-slow, boring as H, little-to-no conflict, the "tough" main character is an emotional basket case and annoying, lots of full-out crying, lots of single tear drops rolling down cheeks, lots of snow, lots of looooong journeys, semi-graphic virginal love-making scene with strange medieval birth-control (which was the most redeeming thing about it, but couldn't save it I'm afraid), etc.


I suggest that you don't buy it, and don't read it. If you've already bougten it, I apologize. I would suggest that you pass it along to a young adult who may like this sort of junk, but it has that one part.


What would you gize say to a revote? Or, we could go with the runner up, Letters from a Nut. Or, if you want to make up your own mind about Graceling (and wanna read that one scene) we could stick with it.

Forgive me. Discuss.


ManicMandee said...

laughing about your description of the semi-graphic virginal love-making scene. No I haven't bought it yet. I'm a procrastinator. And this time it paid off. Yeah!

Hot Pants said...

I have to confess something now. I wasn't too excited about reading it, I haven't bought it yet either. But, after reading your description, I think this could make for some good (meaning bad) reviews. I am now suddenly feeling like going out and buying it. And not just because of the semi-graphic virtual love scene either. So thanks.

Landee said...

True. We could tear it apart like the vampires did to James. Could be fun.

On the other hand do I really wanna waste my more preciouser than rubies time reading this smut?

Garshkies. I'm stumped.

Wait, does he smile into her neck at all?

Landee said...

Also, I for one, appreciate your honesty here.

::wondering how you didn't learn your lesson with Uglies::

Cristin said...

bummer, especially since Amazon is shipping it to me this very minute. Oh well, maybe my kids will like it. Sara loves The Uglies. I'll probably still read it, I mean I read The Host like it was no big deal, but I'm awesome like that.

Memzy said...

I have also not read it (I know even after I was in the book store on Friday and everything!). Now I'm totally torn. Was it a quick read? Even tho it was lamerz? I'll back you up cuz I gotchyour back as I back that thang up. You know?

Jenny ESP said...

Cristin--I'm sorry!! You might still enjoy it, I just thought I needed to give you gize a heads-up, for moral reasons. I should have spoken up sooner. I suck.

Memzy--it's about 470pgs. There is a vague overall conflict (which I didn't care about until the very end) but the book felt slow-paced because there wasn't really a conflict in every scene. Lots of looooong journeys. If you're into the characters, then you might be interested in reading about them gathering wood, bathing in freezing lakes, having protective sex one time, and etc. But if this is just about that One Scene, let me know and I'll transcribe it to you through text message, like I did for Landee.

Landee--It's not exactly smutty. And yes, he smiles into her neck, and laughs into the trees, and talks into the tables, etc.

Cristin said...

I seriously don't mind that I've already bought it, I was just hassling you. From what I read from Amazon, I thought it would be cool which is why I voted for it. Oh well.

Markie23 said...

Haven't bought it yet, so I'm up for another option.

Sam, Shel & Co said...

I bought it, because I had a Border's coupon that was expiring. But, I haven't started it yet, because I'm reading another semi-trashy book. (Not that I knew that when I started it....found it in Mom's house, probably belongs to my little sister. Now I have to find out what happens, ya know?)

samandlysander said...

I already bought it too but I dont care if we read something else.

Katie said...

That is what I love about the library...no commitment. I am up for anything! I am leaving it on hold, just send me the page numbers...

Krissy said...

I haven't bought it or started reading it either. I am a library gal like Katie. Whatever you decide to do is fine with me...I'm easy like that!

Katie said...

I went to the library today, because all the other nominated books were in. (I guess I am not the only one waiting to read about virginal love.) and I started reading one of them...forgot the name, but it is short, and a super easy read, and so far pretty good. Just thought I would let you know...something about long lasting happiness.