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Tuesday, December 9, 2008


As you know, Katie won our little Uglies contest for the Ugliest picture. Congrats Katie!

Your prize is...

...next month's book club book free!


I'm also gonna throw in The Huger Games by Suzanne Collins, because it's a cryin' shame that you haven't read that book.


Katie said...

I am a little embarrassed that I won by such a large margin, but if i get two free books out of it...totally worth it.

In your face-biothches. I knew I could do ugly better than you all.

Markie23 said...

Oh no you di'int!

Landee said...

I was heartbroken I wasn't even in the running and Jenny said "it wasn't even close." It cut real deep. Real deep.

But congrats to you Katie! You are such a sweet spirit.

Memzy said...

A sweet spirit AND full of personality. I was super disappointed I didn't win. I even tried to vote for myself more than once. But blogger is smart you gize. And thank garsh that cat vomit color is gone.

Jenny ESP said...

Hey, I came back here and this whole post was mysteriously gone. Hmmmm. So I suspect that Katie/Tom didn't appreciate her Uglies picture being posted on the internet the way the rest of us did. So I took the picture down, and left the words. No need to be reminded of that picture. It's ingrain on our retinas.

Mary said...

That must have been why there was nothing here yesterday when I tried to check it out. Congrats Katie. I was so disappointed in the national election, but this makes up for it. I'm so glad that I finally voted for a winner!!!