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Sunday, December 7, 2008

UGLY?--I'll take two please thank you

1. I would for sure choose to be Ugly. Who doesn't love an open fire, scratchy wool sweaters, and a normal functioning brain right? The only option for me being pretty was if Edward was a living in New Pretty town. Then I'd partay with him all day and night like the stupid borderline downs syndrome that I was.
2. My hoverboard skillz would be RAD that's for sure. I am hopelessly competitive in all things sports and with no worries about ruining my hurr did or cute clothes (since I'm ugly and all) I'd rawk that hoverboard like it's hot.
3. That fro in my ugly pic is obviously a shout out to Barack Obama fans of our nation. I need to know that everyone likes me.
4. That white orchid is whack, yo. It obviously means that all things beautiful to look at are NOT great to have multiples covering your life with. That one was easy.
5. A unibrow is the universal sign of ugly. Cuz if you have that much hair on your face then............
6. David is NOT hawt. And this is a problem. Maybe it was because I have been so incredibly obsessed with Edward as of late (you kow with seeing the movie three times and just re-reading the book again and stuff) that it was impossible for David to have any draw for me. I don't feel like the author really established any kind of love story with them. I wasn't feeling it. I just had to believe the author.

A few things I'd like to know:

How creepy were Tally-wa's parents? Did she never notice that before?

Why don't any littlies ever have ginormous IQ's and start a rebellion of their own?

How do you think the "people in charge" manage reproduction in the middle pretties? Does every family get ONE kid and do they get to have the parents genes, etc?

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