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Sunday, December 7, 2008


Well I guess I'll start out by saying I read all the books in like four days and for the most part I really loved them. When the Uglies started I also thought it was going to end up being about Tally wanting to be with Zane but him not even caring because she was ugly. I actually liked the direction the book went in when she met Shay and found out about the smoke.

For me I never pictured the characters being ugly I just thought of them as people like you or me who were brainwashed to only look at all their flaws. The Pretties were just perfected versions of normal people. So naturally I thought David was pretty hot.

I loved the technology they had in the book with the hoverboards, bungee jackets, and interface rings. The action got pretty good at the end with the specials taking everyone from the smoke and Tally and David having to rescue them in the end. I also loved Tally and David as characters. It is really hard for me to judge their actions from this book having read the other two.

I never liked Shay from the beginning she just was kind of annoying to me. I was a little disappointed that Peris didn't play a bigger role in the book since Tally spent so much time thinking about him.

Spagbol sounds unfun-making to me now even though I've never had it.

There were some wierd words in this book, Spagbol, littlies, Crims. I was reading about it on the website and I guess they are all real slang words in Australia.

Anyway I can't think of too many things I dislike because I really did love these books. My favorite one was Pretties but Specials was pretty Icey too. Now I guess I just have the movie to look foward too. That's right it's supposed to come out in 2011 so I'm pretty excited

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Katie said...

I am so excited. I am early so I am going to fix myself a giant bowl of candy and get a drink before I settle in...I can't wait!