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Sunday, December 7, 2008

My Thoughts On Being Ugly

I don't really know what to say about the book. I just kept thinking that I would totally sign up for the surgery (brain damage and all) today. I liked David, but just having Tally say once that she found him unattractive was enough to make him undesirable the rest of the book. I don't care if she changed her mind about him, mine was made up. He was just, eh to me. Besides, killing and eating rabbits? I bet he had bad breath to top it all off.
I guess I am too aware of the problems that come with "real" life. I think i would really enjoy being stunning, and partying every night.
I did however wish we had bungee jackets and hoverboards. I am going to have Hazel invent them when she grows up. Why was Tally, at the age of 15 and 9/12 just learning to ride one, when thoughtout the whole book it seemed everyone else had one. There was even mention of "old" models.
That's it. I am really just here for the banter tonight. I can't wait!

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