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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Landee-wa Hoverboards Through Uglies

So, it took me about half the book to realize that I am an ugly… ME! I mean, srsly. Then I was all ticked off. Then I started wondering what my ugly nickname would have been. Then I didn’t want to know.

But srsly, you gize. If being ugly is wrong, then I don’t wanna be right.

Btw, I knew the pretty operation messed with your brain. Knew it. Just from how Peris was acting when she saw him in the elevator. I didn’t need Az & Maddy to tell me that. I wish I would have written it in the margin of my book so you'd believe me.

Did anyone notice how everything “found purchase” in this book? The saw found purchase on the metal. Her foot found purchase on the roof. I mean, I get what it means but wha?

So this is what is going to happen if the far lefties get a hold of the government btw. The environmental freaks. The socialists. Everybody needs to be equal & crap like that. I’d soooo run away to The Smoke too.

Just kidding.

I wanna be pretty.

I also want to be crushin’ on David but it’s not as intense as, say, my unhealthy desires for Edward & Peeta (and Gale come Sept 09). I mean, I see that he’s a cool guy and stuff but he doesn’t make me all tingly. This is probably my biggest disappointment of this book. It’s most likely because the author is a man and men don’t know what women want in their leading male characters. His grace while running through the woods just doesn't bring it home for me.


So one thing that kept my little unpretty brain bubbly was the term “cruel pretty.” I kept trying to picture in my mind what that would look like. I thought of some people who might fit that description...

Exhibit A: Cruel

Exhibit B: Crueler

Exhibit C: Cruelest


I also did some research on line and found the Italian and British book covers.

Uh..... mkay?

I wonder if those disembodied Barbies would have made me wanna read it more. The British are whack-yo. And I'm half way though Specials and srsly, that cover represents the one part I hate.

I also found some fun t-shirts I wanna order for everyone.

I say that to my kids now. Very effective.

And for Jenny:


Sam, Shel & Co said...

So Landee...who posted at 4 am PST...you up really late...or up really early. :0)

Katie said...

I am saving my comments about the topic for tonight, but I am still not a contributer, and thus, cannot write a review. You all have so much insight, I just kept thinking the whole time, "Why wouldn't she want to be blissfully ignorant and pretty? Especially with no real responsibility?"

Erin Beck said...

Im so bummed! I just saw that smart remarks had posted a new something and I saw a Picture of Madonna! I being her number juan fan openned up the post to total disappointment. I though we had nominated madonnas "bedtime stories" or her sex book but I guess I was terribly mistaken!

Jenny ESP said...

Why does this post attract so much spam? I've deleted at least 38 male enhancement ads on this post alone. I think we need to rename those pictures.