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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Discussion Scheduled: UGLIES

Hey you gize. It's me, Landee. Ugly Landee as a matter of fact. You don't believe me? Come over right now and look. I knew I wouldn't be seeing anyone today (Gty included) so I put on my old lady hoodie, ill fitting jeans and spent minimal time on my hurrdid & makeup. Tally would be so proud of me that I didn't bend to society today. I might even go chop down some trees and burn them just for the heck of it.

So, I'm taking over the Smart Remarks Book Club right now because Jenny's computer up & caught the flu (it didn't get its flu shot, you gize). She is laptop shopping this very moment. Apparently she was so bored today with no computer that she had to fill her time doing things like cleaning out the refrigerator and folding laundry. Very unfun-making! She called and asked if I would make a few announcements on her behalf.

So here goes:

1) The Smart Remarks Book Club will meet for our discussion of Uglies by Scott Westerfeld this Sunday (December 7th) at 8:00pm Pacific/9:00pm Mountain (hide it in your scripture case and "pray" all during Sacrament meeting if you have to to get it done).
2) The format will be slightly different this month. You are to post your review on this blog sometime during the day on Sunday (but not after 8/9pm). Feel free to write your review now and have it scheduled to post on Sunday, you gize. This will give us all plenty of time to read each other's thoughts before the actual LIVE discussion takes place. Do not comment under your own review or anyone else's. There will be a UGLIES DISCUSSION HERE post for all that kind of awesome to take place.
3) Don't forget to vote in the poll over to the right. We need to recognize the ugliest person in our book club properly.
4) Some discussion questions to be pondering: Would you give up being pretty to cook rabbits over an open fire and poo in a hole? How long do you think you could stay on a hoverboard even with the grippy shoes? What does the fro in Memzy's ugly pic mean? Is she a racist? What is the symbolism of the white tiger orchid? Why does a unibrow automatically mean ugly? Is David hawt?

See you on Sunday. Don't forget your interface rings.


Memzy said...

Oooooh. So nice of you to fill in like this Landerson. I will be starting my "post" tonight. What to say....what to say.....what NOT to say.

Markie23 said...

CRIKEY!! I'm going to have to put off my cancer research, my volunteering at the shelter, and my pillow biting to get this thing read by Sunday.
Ok, maybe not the pillow biting.

ManicMandee said...

Very nice writing here Landee. I am way behind! I'm only about 130 pages into it with a busy weekend ahead of me. Help!

Katie said...

Landee! Emergency emergency! 911! I can't post a review because I am not a contributer. Sure, I finally read a book, just for the joy of the playful banter, and i am forced out. I have no one but myself to blame. I didn't think I would ever actually read a book so I didn't think I would need to be a part of it. Here we are...
Just think about how funny I am gonna be...

Landee said...

Katie, you will be a contributer if it's the last thing I do!

Drama-making, huh?

Wait, I think Jenny has to add you.

Jenny ESP said...

Thanks Landee. Bullet point style, but without the lame bullet points.

I'll add you ASAP katie. Check your tkmorgan email address ok?