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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Anxious In Denver

Hey you gize, it's me, Landee.

So since Jenny is taking her sweet time coming up with the four nominations for us to vote on, I thought I'd post an email I got from a friend of mine. She is the one who recommended I read The Hunger Games in the first place so I steered her over here to have a look-see. She read my review & ALL the comments.

Her only question was "What does seal the deal mean? I don't remember any deals Katniss made?" HA!

Anyway, her email:

I just finished reading that whole thing! Can I just say that you 'gize' are hilarious! I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was a grouchy Mrs. Hannigan today and it cheered me up...(at least until Colin started whining because he didn't want to do his homework and Sarah started shoving him out of the way because he was infringing on HER territory (me) and.... You know how it is).

I also really loved how you all were weaving little comments about Twilight in with the book - because I was feeling the same way when I was reading it!

Talk to you later!


P.S. Just hilarious! And, can I say that I picture Peeta as a tall, but not too tall, and tight. Good muscle tone - strong, not buffed out muscles. Not nearly as tall as Jacob, and not as dark skinned. Milder skin tone. Gale? I think I'm a Gale fan. Didn't he do something to save Katniss? One of her flashback stories or something like that. Can't you just see him sneaking through the forest, tan from being outside, his hair a little messed up, all quiet and smart and bringing home the bacon? I think they will discover that they love each other. But because Katniss and Peeta just won the thingy, they'll be getting a lot of media attention and will still have to pretend they're together. It will be like Jack and Kate and Sawyer....wait - you don't watch LOST.


Jenny ESP said...

Eeeek! Sorry. I was gonna look up all the noms, read about them and stuff like that, so I can pick four final noms and really sell 'em, ya know? I'll do it today, after I eat my Lean Cuisine and watch that Jonas Brothers video on my blog again.

PS. I can't believe you copy/pasted Ann's private email onto this public blog. Soooo, did Colin ever finish his homework?

Memzy said...

It's interesting how other people can post and I am all surprised like, "This isn't Jenny?" and then I'm like, "ok it's Landee" and then I have to go, "Wait, now this is Landee's friend, Ann."

It's totally awesome you gize.

Ari Ben Canaan

Markie23 said...

What? You don't watch Lost?? It's just like The Hunger Games accept instead of an arena it's an island, instead of kids its adults, instead of fires and mutations its polar bears and black clouds, and instead of the future its like a parallel dimension... or a twilight zone... or somebody's dream... or the afterlife... or a magnetic anomaly... or the science experiment of a secret organization called the Darmha initiative, or... ok, I don't know WHAT it is.

Landee said...

Those aren't their real names. you gize. ::making OH SNAP! face::

But yeah, Colin got his homework done just fine. I'll let her know you were worried.

Memz, you could post too, ya know, if you weren't busy on Facebook all day.

Markie.... right there... you nailed it... that is why I no watchie the Lost. It's too too too much.

Hot Pants said...

I was under the impression you were posting your friends private email to you because it had a book suggestion. But then it didn't. I'm just gonna google "a good book to read" and then tell you what we should read.

Hot Pants said...

Never mind. I did it and they were all boring looking. I'm just not into "The Grapes of Wrath" right now. They were all oldies but goodies on the good book list.

ManicMandee said...

I'm anxious too for the next nomination. We are going to get just as much time to read it still aren't we?

Sam, Shel & Co said...

I actually have about a minute to read something, if someone would make a decision already. :0)

I'm voting for The Exodus because i've always wanted to read that and haven't.

samandlysander said...

As long as people are gonna get two votes in I'll put two votes for Gregor.